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This is an encyclopedia servicing the Evanscents cup, a virtual football league put together by a few friends. Each friend contributed their own team that will be used for AI vs AI games, with the General Managers of the team deciding tatics live while the game is happening. The league uses Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 to run its simulations, mainly for it's immense customization capabilities.


  • Alabama Dumbstupiddumbs
  • Auschwitz N.A
  • Big Boston Watermelons
  • Champsville Champs
  • Chicago Pastaflingers
  • Detroit Jellystompers
  • God Tier Frauds
  • IBH Logo
  • Nanotrasen SyndiCats
  • New York Brawlers
  • Romulus Living Things
  • Saginaw Wiggers
  • Sai-Chan's Get Backers
  • Sochi Sugartits
  • Texas Cactus Sitters
  • Zimbabwe Niggerettes


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Current Cup:

2013 Spring Cup

Evanscents Spring Cup

Cup Commissioner: spessman
Host team: Auschwitz N.A.Z.I.'s
Teams: 16

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